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Ministry Application

Please note: If you have previously completed this form and all details below are still true and correct, please click here to go to our Annual Volunteers Check-in page.

Personal details

1. Do you have any health issues which may affect you working or volunteering for the church?
2. Have you ever been charged with and/or convicted of a criminal offence?
3. Have you ever engaged in sexual contact with someone under your care other than a spouse (such as a parishioner, client, patient, student, employee or subordinate) but have not been charged or convicted?
4. Have you ever engaged in sexual contact with a person under the age of consent but have not been charged or convicted?
5. Have you ever engaged with the illegal use, production, sale or distribution of pornographic material?
6. Has there been anything in your past that may hinder you in this position that you are applying for?
7. To your knowledge, have you ever been the subject of an allegation of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct?
8. Have you ever had an aprehended violence order, order of protection or the like issued against you as a result of allegations of violence, abuse, likely harm, harassment, stalking etc?
9. Have you ever had permission to undertake paid or voluntary work with children or other vulnerable people refused, suspended or withdrawn in Australia or any other counrty?
10. Has a child or dependant young person in your care (as a parent or in any other capacity) ever been removed from your care, or been the subject of a risk assessment by the authroities?
11. Has your drivers licence ever been revoked or suspended?
12. Have you a history of alcohol abuse or a history of substance abuse including prescription, over the counter, recreation or illegal drugs?
13. Have you done anything in the past of present that may result in allegations being made against you of child abuse? Abuse includes: bullying, emotional abuse, harassment, neglect, physical absue, or sexual abuse.
14. Have you ever done anything in the past or present that may result in allegations being made against you of bullying or any form of harassment of adults?

Record of previous church membership

Please include.... Name of Church.     Location.     When (month/year).    Any positions held.

Character References

Please complete if you have been at Lifeway less than 3 years.

Please provide two (2) referees. Referees must be over 18 and be able to give a report on your good character and suitability for ministry. A referee must not be a family member. 

Evidence of Criminal History Check and/or Working with Children Check

I have provided a Police Check
I have provided a Working with Children Check



By adding your name, and submitting this form, you endorse the declaration.

Do solemnly and sincerely declare that:

1. The information I have provided in this application and the information contained in any documents accompanying this application are true and correct  to the best of my knowledge and belief.

2. I understand that any material misstatement in or omission from this questionnaire may render me unfit to hold a particular or any office in the Church.


Has this application been endorsed by a recognised Lifeway ministry leader?
By submitting this form, you give consent to all the information being kept on file at Lifeway. The information you give will adhere to our privacy policy and will only be used for screening and disciplinary purposes. Please seek legal advice if uncertain about signing this document.

Consent to Hold Information

Thanks for filling out your Application Form

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