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Annual Ministry
Volunteer Check in

I confirm that since completing the full ministry application form, nothing has happened that would disqualify me from serving in the following role.

I commit to advising a current Lifeway Christian Church Pastor or relevant Ministry Leader if I become aware of a situation or behaviour  which might break the agreed Code of Conduct or make me ineligible to be a leader/volunteer. 



By adding your name, and submitting this form, you endorse the declaration.

Do solemnly and sincerely declare that:

1. The information I have provided in this application and the information contained in any documents accompanying this application are true and correct  to the best of my knowledge and belief.

2. I understand that any misstatement in or omission from this Leaders Check-in may result in me being unfit to hold a particular leadership position in the Church.

Consent to Hold Information

By submitting this form, you give consent to all the information being kept on file at Lifeway. The information you give will adhere to our privacy policy and will only be used for screening and disciplinary purposes. Please seek legal advice if uncertain about signing this document.

Thanks for filling out your Application Form

Personal details:

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