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No matter if you are brand new to faith or if you've been a Christian for a while now, there's aways a next step on your journey.

We’re here to help you.

Find out below what your next step might be


Christianity is meant to be experienced in community. 

If you've made a decision to follow Jesus, it's important to tell someone. Perhaps after one of our services, you can join us for morning tea and meet others.

Don't forget to fill out a connect card

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Tell someone


Understanding more about Christianity is important.

There are so many ways this can happen, but here's a few ways to get you started. Get yourself a bible, we have a free bible available at our welcome desk. Start reading the New Testament as it explains the life of Jesus and how Christians should live. You can also grab a copy of 'This Jesus Life' from the Welcome desk as it explains some core aspects of faith.


Learn More


If you've decided to follow Jesus water baptism is one of your next steps. You can read more about baptism in the booklet 'This Jesus Life' available at the welcome desk, or speak to a Pastor at Church. You can arrange an appointment by filling out a Connect Card.


Stay the path

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Continue to grow


Keeping coming along each Sunday so you can get to know others and be encouraged in your faith and continue to grow. Our services are 10am Sundays.


Lifegroups are the best way for you to grow as a follower of Jesus. find our more about lifgroups here.

You can indicate your interest in joining a Lifegroup by filling out a Connect Card.


Find ways to contribute


Jesus was all about serving others. As His Church, we find ways to love each other by serving one another.

There are many ways you can contribute. For more information check out the 'Join a team' shelf at the back of our church.

You can indicate your interest in joining a team by filling out a Connect Card.

Friends in Staduim

Share Jesus with others


Before Jesus left the earth, He told his followers to make sure they kept on doing the same thing they began while with Jesus - making followers (disciples). 

We are told to go to others and tell them, teach them, baptise them them and allow them the opportunity to begin this very same journey with Jesus. 

It begins by you telling others about what you have learned, the hope you have and what others can also discover by following Jesus. It can be as simple as inviting someone to church or your lifegroup, or taking a friend out for a coffee to share Jesus with them. 

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